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Financial wellness for your people. Fiduciary oversight for you.

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Does your retirement program need a refresh?

You want to offer a solid retirement plan to your employees but, as the organizational complexities of your company increase, so do your concerns:

  • Is our retirement benefit as competitive as we want it to be?

  • How well are we covering our fiduciary responsibilities?

  • Is financial stress weighing down our employees?

  • Will a merger, acquisition, or other corporate action create chaos?

Responsibly offering your best can feel like an overwhelmingly heavy lift.

We believe your employees deserve a generous retirement benefit, and:

You deserve a better way to offer your best.

Get support.

When you partner with LoVasco, one of our seasoned consultants serves as your outsourced Chief Retirement Officer, fully accountable for all things retirement and workplace savings.

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We're honored to be trusted by:

Here's what you can expect to gain.


A plan that makes good sense for your company.

From defined contribution arrangements that feel “pension-like” (without the pension risk) to sophisticated deferred compensation arrangements that attract, retain, and reward top talent, we design integrated workplace savings solutions that meet a broad array of needs in your organization.


Independent investment consulting.

Our approach to fiduciary investment consulting unlocks innovative, unbiased strategies, allowing us to build a true "all-star-lineup" of investment options that serve your company and your employees’ best interests.


Checkmarks in all your fiduciary boxes.

Legal regulations are intricate and ramifications are costly. So, we lead plan fiduciaries through a prudent decision-making process and provide a procedural framework to mitigate risk.


Employees who are financially fit.

We understand that if employees are stuck on basic financial management issues, long-term savings can feel completely out of reach. That's why we start with the basics, freeing them to make good decisions about retirement savings given their unique circumstances.


Standby support for all related “what nows?”

If it has to do with your organization's retirement program, we’re on call to help you navigate curve balls. But, don’t worry. We're known by our clients for "getting things done" before they can steal time from the day.

Let's get to know one another.

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We hired LoVasco because our business was in need of expert guidance with our Executive Benefits Plan. In addition to providing excellent day-to-day service, they guided us through a significant transformation of the existing Plan. LoVasco provided the specialized and personalized approach we were looking for.

Ted Bidigare

Stefanini Group

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Start the conversation.

In an initial meeting, we’ll listen carefully to your goals and concerns and gather detailed information to craft each layer of a successful employee retirement and savings program.

Following our meeting, we’ll do a top-to-bottom assessment of your current plan and fiduciary framework. Then, we'll present an action plan that pairs best-in-class investments with personalized financial advice to offer your employees an industry-leading workplace savings program while mitigating fiduciary risk for your company.

You may still be wondering...

How much do your services cost and how do you get paid?
The cost of our services varies based on the size of your business, the scope of our engagement, and the complexity of your organization. Most of our client engagements don’t result in direct billing to our clients. Instead, our fee is charged to their retirement program plan assets. Either way, fees are always fully disclosed and benchmarked against industry averages to help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities.
If we retain LoVasco as our retirement plan consultant, do we need to move to your preferred recordkeeper and TPA?
No! When hiring an advisor/consultant, a common misconception is that you must also change your recordkeeper/TPA. We work with all major providers in the industry so, if you are happy with your current providers, we do not need to disrupt that. We will simply work with you to evaluate your current provider’s costs and services, document the due diligence process, and help ensure you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.
Switching retirement plan consultants/advisors seems overwhelming; what can we expect?
Switching advisors is relatively simple! From a practical standpoint, we are immediately engaged once an Advisor of Record letter is signed and submitted to your current provider.
Do I really need to hire an independent consultant? Can’t I just work directly with my recordkeeping provider?
While you could technically work directly with your recordkeeper, ERISA and the Department of Labor (DOL) have issued guidance recommending plan sponsors retain an independent consultant to help them manage their fiduciary responsibilities. Due to conflicts many recordkeepers have when offering proprietary investments they receive additional revenue from, advice is inevitably conflicted. They typically aren’t benchmarking their own costs, either. Operating without an independent consultant exposes you to unwanted fiduciary risk, as both topics are at the center of most retirement plan lawsuits.
Past consultants have said they’re proactive; what makes your approach different?
The culture of our team centers around the concepts of ownership, accountability, and getting things done. While our tagline of “your outsourced Chief Retirement Officer” may sound cheesy initially, it truly embodies how we work with our clients—taking full ownership of any projects related to your retirement programs. We pride ourselves on the “way we work,” maintaining ironclad systems and processes that make it pretty hard to drop the ball on client requests. But don’t take it from us—read our customer testimonials above!
Why should we trust you?
We understand that earning your trust doesn’t happen overnight. But don’t take our word for it! Scroll up a bit to view several testimonials from our clients.

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Help for you helps everyone.

With the support of an outsourced Chief Retirement Officer, you can trade:

an underperforming plan for one that puts each employee on track to retire well (replacing income in retirement like the old pension plans used to).

unmet ERISA requirements for done-for-you, carefully managed fiduciary legal and compliance responsibilities.

losing people to other companies for recruiting and retaining top talent with competitive financial wellness, retirement, and deferred compensation benefits.

Cheers to a healthier, more productive workforce!

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We help you develop total rewards strategies that prove your company is the place for employees to thrive.

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