Seamless, stable benefits your employees value.

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Benefits programs are layered and complex.

You want to offer your best to your employees, but a lot can get in the way:

  • unforeseen price hikes,

  • endless administrative and compliance challenges,

  • ineffective employee communications, or

  • limited internal resources.

You deserve certainty.

At LoVasco, we believe too much is at stake to hope you're getting good advice from your broker.

We can help.

There's no doubt that an unpredictable benefits program can frustrate your employees, exhaust your team’s time and energy, and chip away at your bottom line.

That's why our team of advisors offer intensely proactive employee benefits consulting that keeps your program operating as successfully as possible, without surprises or setbacks.

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We're honored to be trusted by:

Gain a broker and beyond.

Our full-service solutions include helping you:


Design a strategic plan.

Feel confident with a comprehensive roadmap in hand that sets the program’s direction for the year, identifies goals, tracks progress, and ensures your benefits align with your business objectives and reinforce your culture.


Predict and mitigate financial fluctuations.

Gain a greater sense of control over program costs through our trend and underwriting analysis, reporting dashboards, utilization review meetings, and plan optimization efforts—a powerful combination to help ensure no surprises at renewal!


Manage evolving vendor relations.

Experience exceptional service from your insurers as we hold vendors accountable when it comes to resolving issues, answering questions in a timely manner, and being responsive to all other inquiries.


Optimize administration & technology solutions.

Ease the administrative burden that comes along with offering benefits to your employees by optimizing technology and ensuring your HR systems are fully integrated.


Ensure your employees understand the value of their benefits.

Through creative and actionable communications, employees will appreciate the value of their benefits, be motivated to change behavior, and be inspired to be better consumers of healthcare.


Remain completely compliant.

Find peace of mind in knowing you are on top of the ever-changing legislative landscape by receiving timely regulatory guidance and updates tailored to your company. From federal laws to local laws, we’ve got your back.

It's the combination of these services that keep your program operating as successfully as possible, without surprises or setbacks.

Almost 5 years ago we partnered with the LoVasco team. The team quickly became an extension of our HR department, providing us with attention and solutions when and where we need it most. I can always rely on their expertise and professionalism. They don’t just take an interest in our benefits; they genuinely care about our core business and their support is invaluable!

First State Bank

Lovasco has provided us exceptional service and added value to our organization in a way no other business service provider has done for us. We have saved significant costs and greatly improved employee satisfaction with Lovasco as our consultant.

Matt Van Haaren


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Better benefits benefit everyone.

With a comprehensive total rewards program, you can trade:

price hikes & financial surprises for predictability.

confused & frustrated employees for a workforce that feels appreciated.

litigations & fines for proactive compliance.

an overworked HR team for optimized technology & administrative support.

turnover & open positions for the ability to recruit & retain top talent.

Cheers to a healthier, more productive workforce!

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Start the conversation.

In an initial meeting, we’ll listen carefully to your goals and concerns and gather detailed information to craft each layer of a successful total rewards program.

Following our meeting, we’ll do a deep dive into the data you provide, then present what we uncover along with an action plan to optimize your benefits program.

It's an honor to help you offer your best.

You may still be wondering...

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How much do your services cost and how do you get paid?
The cost of our services varies based on the size of your business, the scope of our engagement, and the complexity of your organization. We can be compensated via commissions, professional fees, or a combination of both. We are indifferent and leave it up to your discretion.
Switching brokers seems overwhelming; what can we expect?
From a practical standpoint, we are immediately engaged once an Agent of Record letter is signed and submitted to your insurance carriers. After this is complete, we take over all existing workstreams and open issues. We typically spend a week or two gathering data on your benefits program, followed by a kick-off meeting. The entire process usually takes between two and four weeks and requires minimal legwork from your team.
We don’t know what your past experiences have been (though, we’d love for you to share). Here are a few examples of what “proactive” means to us:

We don’t know what your past experiences have been (though, we’d love for you to share), but here are a few examples of what “proactive” means to us:

  • Instead of waiting to be asked to do something, we systematically and routinely look for opportunities to add value.
  • We’re meticulous project planners known for defining expectations, offering clear timelines, and holding our clients accountable to meet (and usually beat) important deadlines.
  • We operate under the premise that pain exists to alert us of deeper problems. So if painful symptoms bubble up in your organization, we don’t just offer pain relievers—we work to uncover the root cause so problems can be avoided in the future.
  • And, finally, as a company-wide rule of thumb: We communicate early and often. You should never wonder what we’re doing on your behalf and why it matters.
We don’t want to get lost in a sea of clients; how do you manage your workload?
If you ask our current clients, they’ll tell you that our team invests an incredible amount of time and personalized attention working on their accounts. Practically speaking, we maintain a balanced client-to-consultant ratio through responsible staffing and growth, and we manage our workload by meeting weekly as a team. To increase collaboration, we capture, organize, and assign action items in our project management platform.
Why should we trust you?
We could talk until we're blue in the face about years of specialized experience and the hundreds of companies our founders and team have served over the last sixty years. Those details are important (and you'll find more of them in the bios or our about page), but what's equally important to us is how we serve.

We run a closely held business of our own and know how personal it is. You have a lot of people who depend on the benefits you offer—people and families you care about. So, we never cut corners. We always dig as deep as we need to in order to find creative and compassionate solutions. We become active, contributing members of your team, completely awake to your evolving needs and goals. Read more about our approach here.

The best way to get a feel for us, of course, is to start the conversation. During our call, we'll ask why now is the time you're reaching out, share about services we offer to help, and then invite you to decide if it makes sense to keep the conversation going.

Have another question? Reach out!

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We help you develop total rewards strategies that prove your company is the place for employees to thrive.

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